adjusting GXZK-C GXZKC 0-4A Magnetic Powder Device Manual Digital Display regulator

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adjusting GXZK-C 0-4A Magnetic Powder Device Manual Digital Display regulator 


Product introduction:

GXZK-CThe manual tension controller, with high performance switching power technology, is small in size, convenient in application and easy to install.Manual adjustment can be output stable0~4A/0~24VThe output is supplied to the magnetic powder clutch and brake. Can be made byPLCEqual provision0~10V Input voltage to realize output control by external voltage. It is suitable for printing machine, slitting machine, coating machine, composite machine, winding machine, etc.A mechanical device that requires tension control.


Control mode:

1.Manual control: if a potentiometer on the panel is used to adjust it, it will be+10VandADJA short connection.

2.External voltage control: external connection0~10VThe external input voltage (may be made up of)PLCEqual provision0~10V)ADJandGND,The output control can be realized by external control voltage. (attention: must be removed+10VandADJShort connection)

3.External potentiometer: if another potentiometer is needed for remote manual control,This potentiometer can be connected to+10V,ADJandGNDYou can. (Note: the right end panel knob must twist)


Control mode: manual adjustment of switching power supply

Input voltage: AC 185~265V
Output control voltage and current : DC 0-24V (max. 4A)
Applicable models: magnetic powder clutch, brake
Output display: Digital display
Auxiliary function: fixed control current, short current protection
Working environment: Ambient temperature: -10 °C ~50 °C, humidity: 80% or less
                  Environment: Corrosive gases, dust and rainwater are not allowed
Installation method: wall-mounted, floor-standing, inlaid installation
Dimensions: 180mm wide x110mm high x137mm deep
Mounting size (opening size): 165mm wide x103mm high x130mm deep



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Printing Machinery Parts GXZK-C 0- 4A tension controller

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