C1800 Meltblown nonwoven Fabric cloth cutting and rewinding machine

This machine is used to cut and rewind meltblown nonwoven fabric cloth, specifically the C1800 type. It is a highly efficient and precise machine for fabric production.

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C1800 Meltblown nonwoven Fabric cloth cutting and rewinding machine


The machine is used for slitting and rewinding for different 5 kinds of material. Like the following photos for 5 layer face mask or three layer face mask. Nonwoven fabric, meltblown cloth and ntibacterial cotton.

The slitting finished product

The machine adopts computer control, infrared photoelectric tracking correction system, winding tension control by magnetic powder clutch through PLC touch screen to achieve automatic tension control. Unwinding tension is controlled by magnetic powder brake and automatic tension. The rewinding shaft adopts the inflation shaft. The frequency converter controls the working speed of the whole machine. It is equipped with an automatic metering device. The meter can be set to decelerate and stop at random. The minimum diameter of the unwinding can be set to automatically stop (to prevent waste caused by secondary feeding.) With a smooth cut and neat winding end , To facilitate subsequent processing and other advantages.
C1800 series center surface winding high speed slitting machine

1. Main technical parameters
Maximum unwinding diameter: φ1000mm pneumatic
Maximum winding diameter: φ650mm swing arm unloading, the shaft does not need to be unloaded, convenient for one-person operation
Unwinding shaft diameter: 3in
Rewinding shaft diameter: 3in
Roller surface width: 1850mm
Mechanical speed: ≤150m / min
Maximum working width: 1800mm
Min slit width: 100mm
Correction accuracy: ± 0.1mm
Precision of cutting end face: ± 0.05MM
Host power: 5.5KW * 1
50N.M2 magnetic powder clutch
Unwinding brake: 100N.M
Blower side blower power: 0.75KW

Machine size: 3500X3300X1500MM

Weight: 3 Ton
Total power: 7KW

Dimensions (length, width and height): To be determined (specific specifications according to factory standard)
Second, the main components of the machine
This machine is composed of deviation correction unwinding mechanism, slitting mechanism, winding mechanism, transmission mechanism and electrical control.
3. The main configuration and specifications of each institution
(1) Unwinding mechanism
The mechanism is provided with manual vertical and horizontal direction adjustment, which can eliminate the uneven tension and wrinkling caused by the thin ends or the paper core is not round at both ends of the raw material.
Using high linear magnetic powder brake as the unwinding tension actuator, the output torque is balanced, and the tension fluctuation can be reduced to the minimum state.

1. Unwinding specifications: the maximum width is 1800mm, the unwinding air-expansion shaft, the cylinder automatically feeds
2. Paper tube clamping method: air expansion shaft clamping
Specification: 3in 1 inflatable shaft
1 inflatable gun
3. Tension control: magnetic powder tension control.
Output control: 50N.M magnetic powder brake, automatic tension control by PLC touch screen, real-time winding calculation and display, can be set to automatically stop the winding, to prevent the mother roll material from being finished and unable to receive the material.
4. Correction execution: The photoelectric eye tracks the substrate, U-shaped infrared analog detection head, the frame does not shake during the tracking process, the correction controller gives a signal, and the synchronous motor executes.
Specifications: Photoelectric eye 1
Linear guide 4 pieces
Correction mechanism 1 set
Photoelectric eye fine-tuning 1 set
(2) Cutting mechanism
The mechanism adopts round knife slitting, the cut is neat, and the service life is long. The upper and lower knife shafts are cut and tempered, and the speed of the upper and lower knife shafts is matched by gears. Rotate the hand wheel to implement the knife, and continue to rotate to achieve automatic knife rest.
1. Cutter shaft: 1 each for upper and lower cutter shaft
2. Locking device: It has a quick knife-resting device, which can lock the upper knife shaft to avoid the cutting quality problem caused by the separation or movement of the upper and lower knife.
Specifications: Rocker 1 pair
1 locking shaft
Matching gear 1 pair
Worm gear 1 pair
15 sets of round knives
3. Waste collection: blown away by fan
Specifications: 1 fan
1 duct
4. Main wallboard: Use steel plate wallboard, which can effectively reduce the shock and facilitate the high-speed and stable operation of the machine.
Specification: 30MM
5. Guide roller: surface hard oxidation, polishing treatment.
Specifications: φ80 × 1850mm
(3) Rewinding mechanism
The mechanism adopts left and right shaft biaxial winding, and is equipped with a pressing arm to balance the internal and external pressure of winding. Two magnetic powder motors are used to control the winding tension. The uniaxial tension can be adjusted arbitrarily with automatic tension control.
Rewinding specifications: maximum amplitude 1800mm, diameter φ650mm
Paper tube clamping method: air shaft clamping (according to customer material specifications)
Specifications: 6 tile-type inflatable shaft 3in 2
Rewinding shaft pressure: differential pressure pneumatic compaction, the pressure can be adjusted arbitrarily by pneumatic pressure regulating valve
Specification: pressure arm 2 pairs
2 cylinders
Tension control: automatic tension control via Siemens PLC touch screen
Rewinding execution: PLC controlled magnetic powder motor automatic tension automatic control
(4) Transmission mechanism
The driver is used to control the operation of the main motor, the speed of lifting is convenient and fast, and the speed adjustment is too soft and stable.
Drive mode: general frequency conversion adjustment, frequency conversion motor drive
Specification: 5.5KW frequency conversion motor
Supporting vector frequency converter (Delixi)
(5) Main electrical appliances:
Centralized electric cabinet control, beautiful and easy to operate.
1 operation panel
1 length meter display, real-time linear speed real-time, automatic stop function for recording meter
1 photoelectric correction controller
Buttons, contactors, air switches, etc.


The machine in customer’s workshop