GY-C700 Paper roll sitting and cutting rewinding machine

This machine is designed to quickly and accurately cut paper rolls into desired lengths, and rewind them for further use.

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This machine is suitable for slitting paper, polypropylene, polyethylene film composite, BOPP, PET, PE, PVC sheet, aluminum foil, copper foil, pearl film and other materials for various printing and packaging.

If use for paper straw, Machine already with one set of knives.

And also we will offer another set of cutting knives

So the machine can slitting three size of paper rolls:15mm, 14.2mm and 13.7mm.


The machine adopts computer control, photoelectric tracking and correction system, and winding tension control is realized by magnetic powder clutch through PLC touch screen to realize automatic tension control. Unwinding tension is controlled by magnetic powder brake and automatic tension. The rewinding shaft adopts an air expansion shaft, and with automatic air pressure, the rewinding shaft can be automatically lifted. The inverter controls the working speed of the whole machine and is equipped with an automatic meter counting device. It has the advantages of smooth cuts, neat winding end faces, and convenient for subsequent processing.

  1. Main technical parameters

Maximum unwinding diameter: φ1000mm

Maximum winding diameter: φ600mm

Unwinding shaft diameter: 3 inches

Winding shaft diameter: 3 inches

Roller width: 750mm

Mechanical speed: ≤150m / min

Maximum working width: 700mm

Minimum slitting width: 10mm

Correction accuracy: ± 0.3mm

Host power: 5.5KW * 1

Rewinding magnetic powder clutch: 100N.M * 2

Unwinding brake: 200N.M

Waste blowing side fan: 0.75KW high pressure fan

Total power: 6.5KW

Machine size:3800X1700x1500mm


II, the main components of the machine

This machine is composed of rectifying and unwinding mechanism, slitting mechanism, winding mechanism, transmission mechanism and electrical control.

Third, the main configuration and specifications of various institutions (A) unwinding mechanism

The mechanism is equipped with manual vertical and horizontal deviation adjustment, which can eliminate the uneven tension and wrinkle caused by the thickness of the two ends of the raw material or the roundness of the paper core.

High linear magnetic powder brake is used as the unwinding tension actuator, and the output torque is balanced to reduce the tension fluctuation to the lowest state.

  1. Unwinding specification: maximum width of 700mm, diameter of 1000mm, cylinder feeding
  2. Paper tube clamping method: air shaft clamping

Specifications: 3in 1 inflatable shaft    Inflatable gun 1

  1. Tension control: magnetic powder tension control.

Output control: 200N.M magnetic powder brake, automatic tension control by PLC touch screen.

  1. Correction execution: The photoelectric eye tracks the substrate, which can follow the edge or the line. Given the signal from the correction controller, the synchronous motor executes it.

Specifications: Photoelectric eye 1 4 linear guides

Correction mechanism 1 Optical eye fine-tuning 1 set

(B) the cutting mechanism

The mechanism uses a straight knife to cut, the cut is neat, the hand is turned to implement the lower knife, and the knife can be automatically rotated by continuing to rotate.

  1. Knife shaft: one each for the upper and lower knife shafts
  2. Locking device: It has a fast knife-receiving device, which can lock the upper knife shaft, avoiding the cutting quality problems caused by the detachment or movement of the upper and lower knifes.
  3. Specifications: 1 Locking shaft 1 Mating gear 1 pair Worm gear pair 1


  1. 3.Waste discharge: use high pressure fan to guide the flow through the blowing pipe to eliminate waste material

Specifications: 1 fan 1  duct

  1. Main wallboard: The use of steel wallboard can effectively reduce vibration, which is conducive to high-speed and stable operation of the machine.

Specifications: 30MM

5.Guide roller: chrome-plated and polished.

Specifications: φ80 × 750mm

(Three) winding mechanism

The mechanism adopts left and right axis dual axis rewinding, and is equipped with a pressure arm to balance the internal and external pressure of rewinding.Two magnetic powder clutches are used to control the winding tension, and the uniaxial tension can be adjusted arbitrarily.Rewinding specifications: maximum width 700mm, diameter φ600mm

Paper tube clamping method: air shaft clamping (can be determined according to customer material specifications)

Specifications: 6-tile tile-type inflatable shaft 3in 2

Winding shaft pressure: differential pressure pneumatic compaction, pressure can be adjusted arbitrarily through pneumatic pressure regulating valve Specifications: pressure arm 2 pairs

2 cylinders

Tension control: automatic tension control via PLC touch screen Rewinding execution: PLC control magnetic powder clutch taper tension automatic control

(4) Transmission mechanism

The frequency converter is used to control the operation of the main motor, and the lifting speed is convenient and fast.

Drive mode: universal frequency conversion adjustment, frequency conversion motor drive

Specification: 5.5KW motor

Supporting vector inverter (Delixi)

(5) Main electrical appliances:

Centralized electric cabinet control, beautiful and easy to operate.

1 electrical cabinet

1 length counting display, real-time line speed, real meter stop function (with deceleration stop function, meter meter is basically error-free)

Photoelectric correction controller

Buttons, contactors, air switches, etc.

Users take care of themselves:

1.50HZ, 380V three-phase five-wire power supply

  1. Basic processing
  2. Installation equipment and commissioning raw materials and auxiliary materials

Finished paper rolls

Machine in customer’s workshop