GY6-800 Synchronous belt six-color high-speed flexographic printing machine

  • Printing roller adopts enlarged and thick steel rod
  • Electroplated with 10wire hard chromium protective layer and polished
  • Aluminum alloy guide wheel subjected to hard oxidation, dynamic balance, and static balance treatment
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GY6-800 Synchronous belt six-color high-speed flexographic printing machine

Printing sample




Main Technical Parameters

Main Technical Parameters
Suitable MaterialPE PP PO BOPP (if used for paper can be customized)
Film Thickness(mm)0.015-0.1MM
NO. Of printing color6 colors (we also have 4 color)
Max Film Width(mm)830mm (other width can be customized)
Max Print Width(mm)760mm (other width can be customized)
Printing length (repeat )300-1000mm
Max. Mechanical speed135m/min
Max. Printing speed30-70m/min if with standard open doctor blade

30-120m/min if with closed doctor blade

(Actual speed depend on print material, plate, ink etc.)

Register precisionLongitude:±0.2mmTransverse:±0.2mm
Master motor power3.7kw,Taibang brand
The frequency converter3.7KW , Delta brand
Machine power45kw
Cover Dimensions (m)5.7 × 1.9× 2.8m
Voltage220V, 60HZ, 3PHASE
Unwnding unit
Unwind way5kg magnetic powder automatic tension unwinding
Tension system1 set
EPC system:1 set
Unwind diameter:1200
Material weight300KG
Unwind material holderAir shaft
Unwind web cylinderΦ76mm (inner diameter)
Printing Unit
Anilox rollSingle scraper for ceramic netting stick 6PCS
Inking RunningEach color group transports ink independently. 6PCS
Print plate lift systemAutomatic hydraulic lifting version
Press powerMechanical adjustment
Adjusting way of Registermanual adjustment
Drying unit
Drying modelinfrared
Air blower (big)1.5KW 2PCS
Air blower (small)Independent heating zone for wind envelope. 2PCS
Drying power32 kw
Air ductDouble air duct wind circulation treatment
Wind boxThe small bellows switch in the color room controls the air flow, and the overall bridge lengthens the bellows
ReWinding Unit
Rewinding wayMotor. Magnetic powder combined winding (center winding)
Tension systemAutomatic tension
Rewinding diameter:1200
Rewinding weight300KG
Rewind material holderAir shaft
Rewind web cylinderΦ76mm (inner diameter)
Rewinding motor1.5KW, geared motor
Rewinding inverter1.5KW (Delta)
Electrical Unit
Power switch buttonSchneider
Rotary SwitchesSchneider
Electromagnetic contactorSchneider
Air switchSchneider
Time RelaySongling

The following Optional device, you can choose as your requirement :

  1. Closed doctor blade, Increase printing speed, prevent ink splash, reduce printing color differencer blade

(Ink circulation system)



2.PLC and touch screen(Delta brand)


3.Printing Camera

(Observe printing quality problems during high-speed printing)


Features of the machine:

1.The fuselage adopts 75MM thick wall panels, a full-casting flat site, and an enlarged weighing rod to enhance the stability of the machine


2.The printing roller adopts an enlarged and thick steel rod, and is electroplated with a 10-wire hard chromium protective layer and polished. The aluminum alloy guide wheel is subjected to hard oxidation, dynamic balance, and static balance treatment.

3.High-precision widened synchronous belt transmission, low noise when the machine runs at high speed, low vibration makes the machine more stable, the plate roller gear is driven by a special helical gear, and the printing length of each tooth is 5MM, which makes the printing effect more stable and the printing length more accurate



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