GYC SERIES Two layer bottom sealing and cutting machine

  • Adopts micro computer to control and step motor to pull material
  • Producing piece number can be set up freely
  • Imported photoelectrical cell to track printing
  • Automatically stops if lose sign
  • Two pieces of production line simultaneously to improve output
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GYC SERIES Two layer bottom sealing and cutting machine

To produce bottom sealing flat bag and T-shirt bags


It is suitable for cutting & sealing HDPE, LDPE film. It’s most ideal equipment for producing T-shirt bag, flat bag. It can produce 2 lines non-printing bags at one time.


1. It adopts micro computer to control, step motor to pull material; And producing piece number can be set up freely.

2. It adopts imported photoelectrical cell to track printing; If lose sign, the machine stops automatically.

3. Natural color bag can be produced by two pieces of production line simultaneously, which will improve output obviously.


Max. bag Length1500mm
Max. bag Width530mm730mm930mm1100mm1300mm
Thickness of Film0.01-0.10mm*2 layer
Producing Speed30-120pcs/min */2 lines

According to bag size and thickness

Main motor power1.5kw1.5kw1.5kw2.2kw2.2kw
Inverter power1.5kw1.5kw1.5kw2.2kw2.2kw
Machine Weight800kgs900kgs1100kg1200kgs1350kgs
Overall Dimensions (L× W× H)3300× 1150× 1700mm3300× 1350× 1700mm3300× 1550× 1700mm3300× 1750× 1700mm3300× 1950× 1700mm

Bag making machine workshop

  1. Complete machine

2. The first layer with one motor and 2 rollers