HW-III photoelectric corrective controller for printing machine

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HW-III photoelectric corrective controller for printing machine

Brief instruction:

    HW-Ⅲ- automatic photoelectric-correct controller is based on HW-Ⅱ-and add the function of adjusting manual tension which can correct and adjust manual tension on the rewinding and unwinding of the machine


The controller can select to follow with side or line and use single or double photoelectric eye according to the printing pattern of correct materials, the correction motor is synchronous motor of permanent magnetism low-speed, customer can choose screw roll to match, it has a strict proportionate relationship between urge journey of correct drive and skew of roll material. The controller is mainly applied to the occasions needed to control side neatly such as print packaging, papermaking, membrane, textile…etc. 


   It has intellectual microcomputer inside as control function

   Response speed can be regulated

   It offers single or double photoelectric eye to correct

   Follow with side or line by yourself

   It offers outer-control interface

   Add the pulse width PWM tension board



Response time:


Correct precision:


Output power:


Tension output:


Measure way:

Follow with side or line

Control method:

Single or double photoelectric eye

Outer switch:

Auto/manual switch, turn right/left


Photoelectric eye, synchronous motor, screw roll

Appearance size:

240 ×320×120(mm)(length × width × height)

Working voltage:

220V+15%  AC  50Hz



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