KDT-B-1000 KDTB1000 1000N Automatic constant tension controller max pressure 1000n.m

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for electromagnetic powder brake KDT-B-1000 Automatic Tension Controller

Delivery Note : 1 Set including 1 PCS tension controller , 2 pcs Tension loadcell


KDT-B-1000 it can use P2N2 and P1N1 (P2N2 and P1N1 no big difference)

KDT-B-1000 tension controller can match various specifications of magnetic powderwithin 400N.m;

max pressure 1000n.m, for the clutch and brake


This auto tension controller is mainly used on printing machine and slitting machine.


measurement precision :


Sampling rate:

100 MS

main output:

DC 0-3A

auxiliary output:

DC 0-5V(MAX 10MA)

overall dimension:


Installation size:


Power supply:

AC 180-245V 50/60Hz


Magnetic clutch for tension control, overload protection, torque load, etc.. Such as printing, paper machine, rewinding machine, wire drawing machines, metal rolling machine, film processing machines, textile machinery, etc.; another example motors, engines, hydraulic speed reducer, and so do the loading device loading experiments.
Magnetic clutch is based on electromagnetic theory and the use of magnetic transfer torque. It has the exciting current and torque delivery is linear relationship. Nothing to do with the case of slip to transfer some torque, with fast response, simple structure, no pollution, no noise, no shock and vibration energy saving advantages. Is a versatile, superior performance of the automatic control components. Magnetic clutch is widely used in the buffer starting, overload protection, speed, winding system, such as winding tension control.


Printing machinery, paper industry machinery, bag-making machinery, paper-making machinery, wire and cable machinery, coil machinery, wire machinery, strapping bag machinery, textile machinery, weaving-dimensional machinery, woodworking machinery, test equipment, analog load use, the kinds of mechanical precision tension controlling, general industrial equipment, other general industrial machinery.

Magnetic clutch DC power supply for excitation. Magnetic clutch during transport, often using the magnetic particle build-up somewhere, andsometimes even a “stuck” phenomenon. As long as the clutch the whole time turning 180 degrees, beating with wooden hammer several times, so that loose powder off. Or turn the lever around the shaft, so long as immediately after turning. Connection with the coupling section of the clearance fit on the proposed use. Non-axial beat. Should be carried out before use running-turn, first through 20% of the rated current operation and then power off after a few seconds, repeated several times. 500N.m more clutch. Another part of the magnetic loading. In the running-in, the magnetic powder from the top of the filler, the situation in the barrier below the excitation current gradually turning into the side.

Long-term without the magnetic clutch, should be stored in a dry place, storage products, more than one year, before the proposed use of a comprehensive maintenance

Basic features:
1, the excitation current – torque characteristic
Exciting current and torque is linear relationship between the exciting current can be controlled by adjusting the size of torque.
2, Speed – torque characteristics
Independent of torque and speed to keep constant. (Magnetizing current is constant, the allowed range of slip speed change of the torque from the impact of high and low speed) static torque and dynamic moment there is no difference.
3, the load characteristics
Magnetic slip clutch allows power, cooling conditions in a certain time, is constant. Selection of the actual use, the practical power to be allowed to slip slip-power or less. Use of high speed, the need to reduce the torque to use.
Magnetic clutch to their location of choice, in the slip under the premise of power matching, magnetic clutch on the high-level, you can choose a smaller size. If not match, it should be placed in institutions low end (the middle or rear). Work to reduce the torque to increase speed no difference.

Magnetic Particle Clutch / Brake Characteristics:
(1) high-precision torque control
Torque control with a very wide scope, and high control precision, to convey torque and exciting current into the correct proportion to achieve high-precision control.
(2) superior durability, long life
Use of heat, wear resistance, oxidation, corrosion resistance of super-super-alloy powder, long life.
(3) the stability of a fixed superior torque characteristics
Good magnetic properties of magnetic gas, and silt between the binding force of stability, sliding torque is very stable, has nothing to do with the relative rotational speed to maintain a constant torque can be sustained.
(4) Continuous operation of the use of sliding
Cooling effect of a good and uniform thermal deformation of the cooling structure, coupled with the high heat-resistant powder to allow the sliding links and braking power and big power, able to smooth sliding operation, will not cause vibration.
(5) link sleek, non-shock
Link the impact of minimal to no impact on the smooth start and stop. And the resistance torque is extremely small, does not cause unwanted heat.
(6) suitable for high-frequency operation
Quick response and special cooling structure for the use of high frequency operation.
(7)lightweight, maintenance-free, long life
Simple and lightweight type, use the high temperature of the coil and special grease bearings, and wear of the armature against prone to impose special handling wear and prolong life.

electromagnetic powder brake KDT-B-1000 1000N Automatic constant tension controller max pressure 1000n.m (1)electromagnetic powder brake KDT-B-1000 1000N Automatic constant tension controller max pressure 1000n.m (2)electromagnetic powder brake KDT-B-1000 1000N Automatic constant tension controller max pressure 1000n.m (3)electromagnetic powder brake KDT-B-1000 1000N Automatic constant tension controller max pressure 1000n.m (4)




It is widely used in the industries of printing, packing, paper-making, cable, rubber, electron battery and textiles printing.

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