SYM-38 SYM38 tension controller

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SYM-38 SYM38 tension controller

The tension control method of the SYM-38 taper tension controller is to detect the number of running pulses of the winding or unwinding by the Hall switch. When the pulse count reaches the preset pulse value of the controller, the tension output is incremented or decremented by one unit. Taper tension control for roll or unwind. The main circuit of the tension controller replaces the conventional bulky transformer power supply circuit with a PWM constant current switching circuit, so it has the characteristics of light weight, small volume, high constant current precision, etc. The controller operation panel adopts a micro-touch switch to make the operation more convenient and output current. The LED digital tube makes the display more intuitive. The product can be set to manual tension control, winding taper tension control, unwinding taper tension control method, and can be applied to semi-automatic tension control of rewinding and unwinding in various printing and packaging machinery.
Power supply: AC 220V±15% 50/60HZ
Maximum output current: 1A, 2A, 3A
Main output mode: DC 0-3A constant current output (adapted load impedance 8-12Ω)
Current output fluctuation: < 0.01A
Tension control mode: manual control / pulse type winding taper control / pulse type unwinding taper control
Pulse setting range: 0-999 times
Pulse maximum frequency: 100HZ

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SYM-38 SYM38 tension controller