YCT-B-600 Automatic Web Tension Controller with two Load Cell sensor flexo Printing Slitting Machine Part

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the YCT-B-600 tension controller, the power is too small, we have stopped production, now use YCT-B-1000 instead (can be used for 1000 and below models), both are completely universal.

YCT-B-1000 it can use P2N2 and P1N1 (P2N2 and P1N1 no big difference)

1: Model number. YCT-B-1000

2; power supply voltage: AC220V, 50/60HZ
3: Output power: 120VA DC24V 4A (MAX) DCO-1V 4-20MA
4: Tension control range: 0-2000KG (determine the tension Newton value according to the tension sensor)
5: Tension resolution: 0.1KG
6: Display mode: digital display tension value and percentage light band dynamically display the corresponding tension position
7: Setting form: automatic, manual setting by digital potentiometer and touch button
8: Tension mode: unwinding constant tension closed-loop automatic control, closed taper tension closed-loop automatic control
9: Zero adjustment function: It has 2 sensors corresponding to zero adjustment performance, and it is automatically cleared at startup.
10: Station control: with double station selection function, the conversion process is smooth and smooth, and the conversion time can be preset within 30 seconds.
11: System configuration: SH-TD tension sensor pair, NEW-S2 speed control wheel
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Tension Controller

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YCT-B-600 Automatic Web Tension Controller with Load Cell sensor flexo