ZXTEC ZX-338 ZX338 length and speed controller meter counter with hall switch for printing machine

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ZXTEC ZX-338 length and speed controller Electronic meter velometer for printing machine



ZX338 length and speed controller is a kind of instrument that can measure the control length and line speed at the same time. Its working principle is calculated by the Hall switch picking up the running number and speed of the driving guide of the material to be tested and the circumference of the driving guide. Speed and length. This product can be widely used in printing, compounding, slitting, winding machines and other equipment for length or speed control.

★The main control part is controlled by single chip microcomputer
★ can display line speed and length at the same time
★ has a small size and simple installation
★With power failure data storage function
★ Preset length data control relay output
★ Pre-set length early loop alarm
Measuring line speed range: 0-9999 rev / min times circumference
Peripheral input range: 0.0001-9.9999 meters
Input signal type: Hall proximity switch, contact, photoelectric switch (NPN)
Display digits: double row 6-bit LED decimal point automatic shift
Output mode: 2 sets of relay output; 1 set of transistor early warning output (DC12V)
Power outage: >10 years
Clear mode: operation panel button, external switch, automatic
Dimensions: 96 × 96 × 100 (mm) (width × height × depth)
Installation size: 92 × 92 × 90 (mm) (width × height × depth)
Working voltage: AC220V±15% 50Hz

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