TF-B600 Double-Layer Bag on roll making machine

This machine produces double-layer bags on a roll, and is capable of producing up to 600 bags per minute.

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TF-B600 Double-Layer Bag on roll making machine



This double-layer high-speed continuous rolled bag making machine is designed and manufactured upon exporting to make rolling flat bag (plain-mouth bag) with double-layer. It is a computer-controlled full-automatic bag-making machine which combines optic, electric, gas and instrument control.

There are such features as photoelectric control automatic material feeding, photoelectric tracing color code in color printing, double working-position feeding and double working position sealing, step or servo motor which controls speed and length of the bag, computer counting and cutting.

Main Technical Parameters:

Bag-making Width50-550mm
Bag-making Length50-1000mm
Bag-making Thickness0.01-0.10mm
Bag-making Speed30-120pcs/min×2
Bag-making Kindwithout printing * 2 lines

With printing*1 line

Main Motor Power1.5kw
Electric Heating Power1.5kw
Machine Weight950kg
Machine Dimension3200*1200*1750mm
Working Voltage220V

Machine with following devices:

Microcomputer panel control

Main motor is controlled by inverter

Photocell automatic tracking

Static processor

High precision step motor

Double discharging & winding device

Dots-severing knife (high-speed steel material)

Exhaust waste material by high pressure air

With coreless rewinder for bags on roll with or without paper core.

Machine photos


Final Product